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National Beverage Day

Celebrate National Beverage Day – Sunday, May 6th

May 04 , 2018

In my own inimitable way, I am giving you a heads up for “the day after” May 5.  As we know, Cinco de Mayo is a beverage holiday, but did you know that May 6 is officially National Beverage Day? Call me crazy, and I have often been, but I believe we should rename it National Hair of the Dog Day. National Beverage Day is a celebration of all things beverage…not necessarily alcohol, but alcohol is certainly a part of the fun!

National Beverage Day has a long and storied history. Prohibition was repealed on December 5, 1933. From this legendary date we now annually celebrate Repeal Day, the end of what I refer to as The Great Mistake. In the months following repeal, however, a number of forces in the country wanted to have a way to celebrate beverages. These included unions and radical anti temperance folks, as well as retailers, students, and hobos. The anti temperance movement began in the mid 20s and would hold meetings in shuttered bars and speakeasies suffering from ax damage and beer soaked floors. The meetings frequently focused on repairing the speakeasies, and making them more difficult to find. The students had access to laser printers…and the hobos had access to travel… They spread the word far and wide across the land. They called for an end to Prohibition and a beginning to consumption.

Once the anti temperance movement accomplished its initial goal, the end of Prohibition, they realized that their future was limited, that without a new purpose, the movement would end…and so it did, gradually fading away until all that was left was a few hobos hanging out track-side in beautiful downtown Burbank. The tremendous impact of this group was immortalized by the Hobo King, Roger Miller, in his great song, King of the Road, Watch Here.

However, immediately following the end of The Great Mistake, (not to be confused with “The Great Tragedy,” when the Red Sox traded Babe Ruth, or “The Great Error,” when the Red Sox hired Bobby Valentine) the anti temperance movement struck one final blow for the common people of this great land. They founded a holiday to celebrate the return of beverage alcohol and created National Beverage Day. They chose the date for its proximity to warm weather, as well as making it a recovery day for people after two days of celebrating Star Wars Day on May 4.

Make your plans now! Come to Kappy’s and stock up so you are ready to celebrate National Beverage Day with your friends.  Whether it’s Wine, Spirits, or Beer – raise a toast to the hardy souls who fought the good fight and ended Prohibition. Tell all of your friends about the history of this great, prototypical American holiday.

Rich Kelter


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