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Easter Wine & Food Pairings

April 12 , 2017

Easter is upon us and sharing a great meal with family and friends is always a pleasure. What makes any feast more enjoyable? Wine, of course! Below are a few recommendations for pairing wine with classic Easter meals.

Ham – Sweet, smoky, fatty flavors. Clove and cinnamon tones.


White: Dry Rieslings, something like Carl Sittmann, with peach and apricot notes up front and Granny Smith apple tartness on the finish, this is a lovely accompaniment.

Red: Beaujolais, The fruity, approachable nature of Domaine Romy Old Vines Beaujolais creates a classic pairing.

Lamb – Robust, meaty flavors. Roasted well with rosemary.


Rosé: Rather than white, I would recommend a good Rosé from the Rhône or a Rosé Champagne.  The Clos des Lumieres Côtes du Rhône Rosé has mouth-filling flavors highlighting red fruits and will stand up to the stronger flavors of the lamb and rosemary.

Red: While some may go with a Rioja, my preference would be a Chianti Classico.  The Sangiovese dominated blend provides excellent structure and just the right amount of fruit to enhance your dining experience.  Try the Natale Verga – delicious and a great value.

Easter Brunch – Sausage, eggs, chicken, etc….


White: While the old stand-by of “drink what you like” might be the best choice for many, those who are slightly more adventurous should focus on a good French sparkling wine or ChampagneLouis Perdrier Brut will feature a soft, yeasty flavor that works well, and of course you can always add orange juice and make a terrific Mimosa.

Red: Stick with bubbles, and instead of red circle back to Rosé, the lighter red wine.  Haton Brut Rosé Champagne has delicious, subtle strawberry and white cherry fruit, gingerbread, rose petal and pink grapefruit zest.  Perfectly fits the old adage – white with fish, red with meat, Champagne with anything!

Happy Easter to all – enjoy!





  1. Fill champagne flute 2/3 full of fresh-squeezed orange juice.
  2. Top up with Louis Perdrier Brut .

Add the teaspoon of Paisley & Sage Triple Sec


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