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Get to Know Your Customers Day

April 20 , 2017

Today is “Get to Know Your Customers Day”, we here at Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits are reminded of the thing that has made us so successful over the past 75 years: YOU!  Without customers, of course, no business will last, but it’s only with great customers that a business will truly thrive.  We are lucky that we have some of the best customers in the world.

A vocalized “thank you for your business” is something that we want you to hear as you walk out of the store.  We want that phrase to “tie a bow” on your shopping experience that we hope you had in our stores from the moment you are greeted when walking in, to the assistance we always look to provide. Whether it is directing you to a product you’re looking for, recommending a wine for your dinner or a beer for your barbecue, customer service is the credo that we live by.

A “thank you” and a recommendation are always nice to receive, but we want to provide our customers with much more than that.  Here are some of the things that you can look forward to in the coming months…

– Grand tastings of all sorts from wine to beer to spirits (and everything in this category from Scotch to Tequila).  There are always dozens of brands to try at these events and discounts to be had.

– The newest, hottest products across all categories from boutique wines to allocated bourbons.

– Our Kappy’s On Call service takes the headaches out of planning the beverage portion of weddings, graduations, and all types of parties.  We’ll help you choose the products, plan the appropriate amounts, and do all of the delivering.  Email or call us at (781) 395-8888. We’re here to make it easy!

And, of course, we always want to provide the best selection of products at the best prices around.

We appreciate our customers and want to offer them all of the above, but this is “Get to Know Your Customers” Day, so we want to do more of that too.

So, the next time that you stop by, let’s talk about things.  Tell us about your favorite types of wines, so that we can get to know your palate and recommend some other bottles that you might like.  If you’ve just discovered red blends, how about trying the original red blend, the wines of Bordeaux.  If you’re in a vodka rut and you’re looking to try another brand, but aren’t sure which one to choose, we’ll be happy to help.  We understand that staring at a wall of vodkas can be intimidating.  And please ask our beer guys to lead you through the craft beer category.  With so many local breweries popping up every day, it’s hard to know which IPA to try.  Our beer guys have tried them all, so let them point out new ones that suit your palate.

We’re here to get to know our customers and grow a relationship that lasts many years.  Your exploration of our aisles and shelves and finding some new favorites is reward enough for us.

Oh, and one last thing.  Here’s a reward for you…

We just received a super deal on a line of wines.  Parla is the brand.  It comes from the people who bring us the very good value 90+ Cellars wines.  There is an Italian Pinot Grigio, a California Red Blend, and a Provence Rosé.  They’re wines that we’d usually sell for $9.99.  As a special introductory price, we are selling a bottle for that $9.99 price.

So, what’s the deal?  Well, the second bottle will only cost you a penny!  Yup, buy one bottle for $9.99 and get the second bottle for PENNY.  Just our way of saying thanks!

With a century of business not too far down the road, we know we couldn’t have done it without you.  A sincere and heartfelt thank you, and we hope to see you in here soon!

Parla Wines


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