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Great Conversation Starters for Your Holiday Parties

December 18 , 2018

Will you be attending any parties or gatherings with friends and family this holiday season? Do you sometimes find it awkward sitting at the table with nothing to talk about?

We have a couple of ideas to spark conversations between you and your guests.

1. Create your own wine tasting featuring wines from a variety of different countries:

Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits carries wine from over 25 different countries. A fun idea for an entertaining evening is to have wines from a few different countries and host your own tasting. – Get guests talking about the different wines, how they look, smell, taste, and which they enjoy more. Have you ever tried wine from Germany? France? Spain? Argentina? Italy? Portugal? New Zealand? or the State of Oregon?  Kappy’s carries wine from all of these countries, the US, and more. Explore different types of wines and spark conversation that lasts for hours.

A few suggestions for your conversation and not to mention they make great gifts:

Germany: Carl Sittmann Riesling
France: Haton Brut Reserve Champagne and Chateau Bois Malot Rouge
Spain: Berceo Rioja Crianza and Cap de Trons Red
Argentina: Spice Block Malbec
Italy: Corte Fiore Prosecco and Natale Verga Barolo
Portugal: Faisao Red Dao
New Zealand: Graham Norton Sauvignon Blanc
Oregon: Cricklewood Pinot Noir Willamette

2. Play a game with wines like “The Introvert” and “The Xtrovert.” These wines are sold individually year round and in gift sets for the holiday season.

Get a conversation started on whether you and your guests are more introverted or extroverted. Then try each wine and see if your personality type matches up to the wine you prefer. Introverts are usually classified as people who tend to be more quiet, shy and keep to themselves. Extroverts tend to be more social and outgoing. Do you think the wine you like most will end up correlating to your personality?

Try both wines today and get the conversation started!

Share your personal wine tasting and introvert/extrovert discussion via Instagram & Facebook and tag #Kappys so we can take part in all of your holiday festivities.


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