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New Year

Tips to literally have a “safe and happy” New Year

December 28 , 2018

Are you ready to ring in the New Year!?

2019 is upon us and the New Year’s celebration is in full swing! Remember New Year’s Eve 1999 when some of us thought the world was going to end, or that all the computers would stop working as the clock struck midnight into 2000? Well, back then we had great “tried and true” ways of being safe on New Year’s Eve and while all of those methods still hold true today, 2019 comes packed with even more.

Tips to literally have a “safe and happy” New Year:

1.) Don’t drive drunk. It might sound obvious, but it happens more than we’d like to believe. Save yourself and others on the road by not driving while intoxicated.

2.) Plan ahead:

  • Call for a taxi (yes they still exist)
  • Take an Uber or Lyft
  • Dub a responsible person the Designated Driver
  • Plan to spend the night where the party is being held (make sure you discuss this with the host before you finalize your plans, of course!)

3.) Don’t overdo it. Drinking too much can result in anything from making poor decisions to ending up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning

4.) Make sure you eat, especially if you are drinking alcohol

5.) Stay hydrated. Alternate drinking alcohol with drinking water and/or some kind of electrolyte drink like Gatorade

6.) Charge your phone to 100% and keep a battery pack on you if you can

7.) Be aware. Know where you are, don’t accept drinks from strangers, keep an eye on your drink at all times (even if it is non-alcoholic), travel in groups, if uncomfortable with something speak up. Keep an eye out for your friends and family. If someone is potentially a threat to you or someone in your group, notify authorities.

8.) Keep away from fireworks, firearms and fire in general. Need we say more?

9.) If YOU are the DD: Don’t drive distracted! No texting and driving, no daydreaming about the night, and don’t let your drunk friends distract you. Be aware of all the cars around you while on the road. Just because you are sober while driving doesn’t mean someone else is.

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year.


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