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Father's Day

Say Yes to Whiskey for Father’s Day!

June 13 , 2018

Winter is finally over! With summer being right around the corner, we have a lot on our minds. The school year is almost over, and graduation parties are in full swing. The scents of BBQ and fresh cut grass are in the air, and we are already planning our 4th of July celebrations. Let’s pump the breaks for a hot second, though – what about dad? Sometimes we lose sight of dear old dad and Fathers’ Day in light of all our summer aspirations. It’s no fun to have to scramble around at the last minute, only to hand him a pair of flannel socks. Just think- if you get your old man a gift he will love, then you can totally redeem yourself from being a complete pain in the “arse” the rest of year. What gift will Dad love, you ask? Whiskey! And rather than purchase that bottle of Old Faithful you always see in his liquor cabinet during the holidays, why not try something new, exciting, and bold? Leave a long-lasting impression on him for the next time you need a ride to the airport last minute. We at Kappy’s take pride in having a vast selection of whiskies from all over the world at affordable prices.

One single malt scotch that immediately comes to mind is the Glen Moray 18 Year. To start, Glen Moray has received the prestigious accolade of being ranked the 10th best whiskey in the world by Whiskey Advocate. Glen Moray 18 Year is aged to perfection in the finest American oak casks. It is beautifully balanced with nuances of sherried oak and butter toffee on the nose. Robust notes of honey, heather and hearthy spices on the palate give way to an endless savory finish. The kicker is it’s non-chilled filtered and bottled at 94.4 proof and on sale for $71.99.

Scotch not Dad’s thing? How about an American craft whiskey? Nowadays, American craft whisky distilleries are popping up everywhere. Denning’s Point Distillery out of Hudson Valley, New York has been crafting spirits since 2014. They have been receiving a lot of good press recently, including a Silver medal in the 2017 San Fran World Spirits Competition for their Beacon Bourbon. Their hand crafted bourbon is aged for two years in premium charred white oak barrels and all ingredients are locally sourced. This spirit opens up with notes of vanilla and oaky spices, and finishes with hints of cinnamon, maple and dark fruit. It is perfect for drinking neat, but can make some great artisan cocktails as well! $45.99

Well, if he doesn’t like scotch or bourbon, then he must love Irish whiskey! The Whistler has taken our Irish whiskey section by storm with its line up of wonderful offerings. The one that has been receiving the most praise is the The Whistler 7 Year Cask Strength. Bottled at 59% abv and further aged in Oloroso Sherry cask, this bottle has been raising some eyebrows. With its intense aromas of milk chocolate, mocha and vanilla bean, it will surely having you nosing it before every sip. Flavors of creme caramel, vanilla and apricot will tantalize your palate and the finish will be one Dad won’t soon forget. $59.99

In the end, Dad will appreciate any gesture that comes his way, including flannel socks or a pair of Red Sox tickets from last week. But I’m sure Dad would appreciate sharing a wee dram on the back deck with his son or daughter and some good conversation a bit more. Happy Fathers’ Day to all the wonderful Dads out there.

Gino Martorana


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