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Beverage Party Planning Made Easy

December 15 , 2016

‘Tis the season of parties, get-togethers, and gatherings.  The holidays are here and so too are office Secret Santa celebrations (pray that you end up with the bottle of Single Malt and not the giant chocolate reindeer), ugly Christmas sweater parties (a reindeer might win you something here), and family festivities (honey, what does your Uncle Alvin drink again?).  If you are lucky enough to host one of these fêtes (is lucky the right word?), you’ll need some adult beverages (lots).  Not only can we supply them to you, but we can also help with all of your party planning needs.  Here’s how…

For many years now, “Kappy’s On Call” has been the leading beverage planning service in Massachusetts.  Whether you’re planning a corporate event or a private function, our expert staff can be your guide.  No party is too small, no event too large (we recently provided the beverages for both an intimate dinner party and for a large, 300-person charity fundraiser). Our experienced staff will not only help you choose delicious wines, spirits, and/or beers, but, just as importantly, we’ll help you choose the correct amounts (there’s nothing worse than running out of something during the middle of a party… a riot might rightfully ensue).

We’ll spend time consulting with you, addressing all of your needs and wishes.  We offer quantity discounts on your purchase and, for a nominal fee, delivery and pickup (remember, you don’t want to run out, so our event coordinator will make sure that you have more than enough product).  We strive to make it easy for you.  Heck, you have a LOT of other things going on leading up to your event, so we want to take worrying about the beverage portion off of your plate.  Less stress = more fun!

If you’re planning an event this holiday season (and many of us are), here’s a general guide to consider to get you thinking about things before giving us a ring …

-Plan for about 1 drink per hour per guest.  Of course, adjust up or down a bit depending on the makeup of your guests (is it a Keith Richards crowd or will it be attended by citizens of the Carrie Nation nation?… or somewhere in between?).

-If it’s a dinner party, plan on 1 bottle of wine (750ml) for every 2 or 3 guests (estimate for 2 guests if you’re on the fence… again, more is better than less.)  A standard glass of wine is 5 ounces, so that means you’ll be getting 2 1/2 glasses per person.

-If it’s more of a ‘party’ than a dinner party, an event that will last longer, having a bit more wine is probably a good idea.  Remember, we’ll pick up what you don’t use.

-In terms of beer, if you’re not sure how many beer drinkers that you’ll have, I think planning for 1 beer per person is good estimate.  You’re likely to have a number of people who won’t be drinking beer, but the people who do drink beer might have a few, so 1 per person should work out.

-If you’re serving mixed drinks, you’ll need to have a basic bar set up.  Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, and Rum should cover your bases with the hard stuff.  Dry and Sweet Vermouth are must haves if you want to make Martinis, Manhattans, etc.  Bitters too.  You’ll also want juices and tonic and soda waters for mixing.  And don’t forget the limes, lemons, cherries, olives, plastic cups if you need them and lots of ice!

-If you think that the bar is going to be a popular spot, you might want to expand the selection.  For your Whiskey selection, offer both Scotch (blended and Single Malt) and Bourbon.  Add Brandy (Cognac too), Tequila, and liqueurs such as Bailey’s, Kahlua, and others.

-So, how many drinks are you going to get out of these bottles?  Well, a standard pour for a mixed drink is 1.5 ounces, so that’s about 16 drinks per 750ml bottle.  Of course, if you’re pouring TGI Friday’s size drinks, then you might only get half of that amount out of a bottle.

-It seems like a given, but don’t forget the non-alcoholic beverages.  Sparkling and still water and sodas should be on hand.  You might also want to consider some non-alcohol sparkling ciders for the kids (and for the uncle who hit the gin a little too hard at the start of the party).

Like I said, use this as a guide to get the ball rolling in your court.  Then get in touch with us and we’ll start working together; asking and answering questions, sharing ideas, and making suggestions.  From there we’ll do the heavy lifting of working out the product quantities and setting up a delivery for you.  It’s that easy.  We want to do everything that we can to make your event a truly memorable one.  We’ve been in this business for over 75 years, so we think that we can offer you the best complete beverage planning service in Massachusetts.  Give us a chance to prove it.

We hope to see you this holiday season and would love to help you with your get-together.  Oh, and I hope you end up with a bottle of Single Malt instead of a piece of candy!

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