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Easter Blog

The Wines of Easter

April 07 , 2020

The Easter holiday doesn’t have the pageantry of Thanksgiving or Christmas, but what it lacks in grandeur it makes up for in the department that we’re most concerned with: wine! And whether it’s ham or lamb on the dining table (or something else), there’s countless vinous choices to pair with your meal and enjoy throughout the day.

Although this year will most certainly be different as we gather in smaller groups, we still can enjoy our families through the use of technology like Zoom or Facetime.  The perfect way to start the day is with some bubbles.

Gancia Prosecco
This has been a top selling Prosecco for years now, and it’s no wonder why. It has everything one would want in a Prosecco! Fresh and floral with honeydew melon, green apple and citrus flavors, this is light on its feet and the perfect accompaniment to the kitchen prep work.

Sensi 18K Blanc de Blancs Nectar
Bright, fresh and fruit-driven, the Nectar differs from Sensi’s Prosecco with a subtle touch of sweetness. Flavors of pear, citrus and pineapple dominate the soft texture of this demi-sec bottling. Perfect with a spread of soft cheeses and fresh fruit.

Haton Brut Reserve
If you’re looking for a sparkling wine with a fuller body and a more intense flavor profile, then Haton Brut Reserve Champagne is a great choice. From our favorite boutique Champagne house, Haton’s Brut Reserve is rich and toasty, yet has a raciness that we love too. This is a bottle that can cruise into the main course if you want to enjoy it there.

Roses are a great Easter wine option as well. Classic Provence style Roses, pale in color with floral aromatics, that show strawberry and cherry fruit, mineral undertones and mouthwatering acidity, are wonderful choices for brunch. If ham is on the menu they are natural pairs for that dish as well. Among our favorites are Roses from Mirabeau, Terres de Galets and Gerard Fiou. And with just a touch of grapefruit, Pamplune Rose would make a terrific brunch option.

Along with any of the aforementioned Roses, there are a number of other choices, both white and red, that would work perfectly with an afternoon/evening ham dinner. Here are a few worth trying.

Carl Sittmann Riesling
Because ham has a sweet and salty profile, wines with a bit of sweetness work well. Carl Sittmann is one of our top Rieslings, and is a great value and would do just fine with a ham dinner. The lemon, peach, and apple flavors complement a honey glaze and the acidity of the wine works to balance the saltiness of the dish.

Adorn Pinot Noir
If you’re going with a red for your ham dinner, you’ll want to stay on the lighter side, and choose a wine with a fruit-forward personality and good freshness. Pinot Noir is a great choice. Our newest Pinot Noir has quickly become one of our favorites. Adorn Pinot Noir has ripe raspberry and cherry fruit, a touch of spice and a silky texture. A great choice.

If you’re more of a lamb person, this is where you can break out the full-bodied reds. The meaty, gamey flavor of the lamb paired with a big California Cab.

Fisch Cabernet Sauvignon
Blackberries, chocolate covered cherries, vanilla, and a touch of oak. This is what we want in our Napa Cabs, and Fisch has it and then some. Lush and balanced, the ripe tannins of this wine would melt right into the juicy lamb.

So I think that covers it. Brunch through dinner, morning through evening, these wine options will make whatever you’re serving on Easter Sunday that much better.

Happy Easter!

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