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Holiday Gift Sets

December 10 , 2019

All gift sets were handcrafted by Kappy’s Elves just for you. Learn more about each gift below.

Gift sets are available in limited quantity. First come, first serve. Not all gift types are available at all locations. Gift packaging may differ from photos shown. Available for a limited time. Get them before they’re gone.

Vue Sur Mer Sauv Blanc & Vue Sur Mer Cab Sauv (2 pack)

The Sauvignon Blanc shows crisp fruit and citric notes, while the Cabernet has notes of red berries and spice with a smooth finish.

Recital Sauvignon Blanc & Recital Cabernet (2 pack)

A fresh scent of peony lies atop fruity notes of peach, pineapple and mango on the nose and mouth of this refreshing Sauvignon Blanc.  Crushed violet petals, bramble and baking spice mixes with boysenberry and blackberry tones on the nose and mouth of this easy-to-like Cabernet Sauvignon.  These are Wine Enthusiast notes that definitely highlight the quality and value of this great gift!

Vento Nero d’Avola, Vento Grillo & Vento Moscato (3 pack)

The Grillo made Wine Enthusiast’s Top 100 values last year. The Nero d’Avola is perfect for light meat dishes and the Moscato tops off the meal on its own or with a fruit or chocolate dessert.

Telmo & Ruth and Ruben & Flora (2 pack)

Everything about these wines screamed $15 retail – package, blend, and especially taste.  When we found out they were under $10 a bottle, well we jumped right in – you should too!

Natale Verga Chianti

Our most consistent value from Italy.  Predominantly Sangiovese, perfect for pasta and red sauce – don’t forget the meatballs!

Chateau de Hartes Bordeaux & Chateau de Hartes Bordeaux Blanc (2 pack)

Forget the label’s homage to Chateau Mouton Rothschild, the wine inside is simply the best tasting Bordeaux under $10 a bottle that we’ve ever tried

Vento Pinot Grigio

Organically grown, it is crisp and fresh and an excellent aperitif as well as accompaniment to pasta dishes with cream sauce or broiled white fish

Natale Verga Sparkling Spumante Brut

Light, dry, and refreshing, try it before dinner with cheese and crackers, or on its own at the end of a long day.

Natale Verga Sparkling Moscato

Frothy, fruity, and slightly sweet, drop a fresh frozen strawberry in the glass for an instant dessert.

Pulse Rose Grapefruit & Pulse Rose Coconut (2 pack)

When we first saw these wines we exclaimed “Grapefruit? Coconut?”  Then we tasted them and wow!  We like them on their own, but mix with a nice Cava or Prosecco for a terrific holiday cocktail or decadent brunch.

Masso Antico Primivito & Masso Antico Fiano (2 pack)

This red and white are both made using dried grapes pressed, fermented, and then added to the blend for extra richness and body. 

Faisao Red, White & Rosé (3 pack)

The Douro red is soft and smooth and will match up easily with lighter meats.  The Vinho Verde white has a touch of frizzante and a hint of sweetness, perfect with mussels in a red sauce with chourico.  The Vinho Verde rosé also shows a hint of bubbles and fruit and is great either with a fruit tart dessert or as an aperitif.

Natale Verga 3 pack (Montepulciano, Pinot Grigio, and Chianti)

Our number two seller year after year because the wines inside are such great values!  The only gift that outsells it is their two bottle pack!

Natale Verga 2 pack (Montepulciano and Pinot Grigio) 

Montepulciano and Pinot Grigio – our two best value Italian wines in a gift that can’t be beaten.

Special Gift – Medford location only

Life’s Good 90+ Chardonnay & Pinot Noir (2 pack)

Chardonnay: Raise a glass and let the good times flow. Curated by 90+ Cellars, this crisp, fruity white offers aromas of citrus and a flavor profile of stone fruits and a touch of oak., is the perfect wine to cheers to life’s simple pleasures. Best enjoyed with loved ones and friends, today’s the day to wine a little and laugh a lot.

Pinot Noir: Raise a glass and let the good times flow. Curated by 90+ Cellars, this smooth, light red if packed with cherry and raspberry flavors and a touch of vanilla. Best enjoyed with loved ones and friends, today’s the day to wine a little and laugh a lot.

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