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As Massachusetts' leading packie, no one knows more about the beer, wine and spirits business, products and trends around here. A bottomless pitcher of insights and information, consider this your destination to be educated and inspired.

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Class is in session at Kappy’s University of Drinkable Arts

August 04 , 2017

Beer Appreciation 101 is the first in an ongoing series of beer, wine and spirits videos taught by our libation experts. Let Kappy’s teach you everything you need to know about the drink affectionately known as brewski, suds, hop juice and barley pop.

Top 10 Summer Drinks

June 21 , 2017

Recently we ran a fun poll on Facebook geared towards picking the top summer drinks. The response was nothing short of amazing. Since today is the first day of summer, we wanted to share these favorites with you. These drink recipes are delicious and perfect for your next BBQ or summertime party. Speaking of party, download… Read More »

Top 4 Memorial Day Party Planning Ideas

May 25 , 2017

Memorial Day marks the unofficial kick-off of the summer vacation season, and (hopefully) the beginning of ideal weather to break out the grill and have a barbecue. A lot of holidays have their signature beers: St. Paddy’s has Guinness, Halloween has an ever-growing multitude of pumpkin beers, but Memorial Day doesn’t necessarily have a traditional… Read More »

Two Beautiful Sancerres From Gerard Fiou

April 26 , 2017

The transition from winter to spring brings about my favorite seasonal change in wine.  Sure, the autumn to winter descent into big, burly reds has its allure, but what I get really excited about is the onset of dry French rosés and bright, crisp whites.  I’m eating lighter this time of year, more vegetables and… Read More »

Get to Know Your Customers Day

April 20 , 2017

Today is “Get to Know Your Customers Day”, we here at Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits are reminded of the thing that has made us so successful over the past 75 years: YOU!  Without customers, of course, no business will last, but it’s only with great customers that a business will truly thrive.  We are… Read More »

Easter Wine & Food Pairings

April 12 , 2017

Easter is upon us and sharing a great meal with family and friends is always a pleasure. What makes any feast more enjoyable? Wine, of course! Below are a few recommendations for pairing wine with classic Easter meals. Ham – Sweet, smoky, fatty flavors. Clove and cinnamon tones. Pairings: White: Dry Rieslings, something like Carl… Read More »

Irish Whiskey, A History Lesson Everyone Will Enjoy

March 15 , 2017

The Beginnings of Irish Whiskey The Irish can claim they were the first distillers of the British Isles. It can also be said that during the 19th century Irish Whiskey reigned supreme and was the most popular spirit in the world. This fact is even more interesting considering there were about 28 distilleries in Ireland at… Read More »

3 Perfect Wines for Valentine’s Day

February 10 , 2017

You’ve got the reservation at your favorite, romantic Italian restaurant. You have the proverbial heart shaped box of chocolates hidden by your toolbox in the basement. The jewelry is wrapped in a pretty little box (and hidden in your toolbox). Your flower strategy has been committed to memory (call in the morning, pick up in the… Read More »

Beverage Party Planning Made Easy

December 15 , 2016

‘Tis the season of parties, get-togethers, and gatherings.  The holidays are here and so too are office Secret Santa celebrations (pray that you end up with the bottle of Single Malt and not the giant chocolate reindeer), ugly Christmas sweater parties (a reindeer might win you something here), and family festivities (honey, what does your… Read More »

Luxury Tasting and Concierge Services

December 15 , 2016

Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits is much more than just a beverage store.  Yes, we carry an extensive selection of fine wines, boutique spirits, and craft beers, but what we can offer our customers hardly stops there.  From off-site dinners to wine cellar consultation we can provide our customers with benefits that go well beyond… Read More »

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