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March 19 , 2020

Plan things ahead of time: Knowing what you are going to do and when you are going to do it can cut stress simply because you took time to get organized. Instead of being frazzled and all over the place, now you are organized and together.

Anticipate problems and create a plan for them: Creating a plan for anticipated problems can help control stress.

Get 8 hours: Sleep is wicked important. When we get 8 hours we usually feel and function best. Being sleep deprived only makes us tired, more irritable and more susceptible to stress. Got a monkey mind? Try counting sheep, listening to a free sleep guided imagery from YouTube, writing down all your thoughts, worries, ideas and things to do, or reciting pleasant mantras. Getting 8 hours not only helps you but also helps the people around you too. 😊

Keep a written to-do list: Instead of keeping your to-do list in your mind, why not jot everything down on paper? Remember – pen and paper? (Before tablets and smartphones…) Jotting down your to-do list can mentally relieve you of worrying about the two-hundred things you have to do, leaving your mind at ease.

Do what you can in advance – like meal prep.

Exercise: Whether you have 5 minutes to take a walk, 10 minutes to do a yoga sequence or 30 minutes to do an in-home exercise program – movement and activity of any kind can help de-stress us by clearing our mind and body. It gives us time to rejuvenate and relax and above all, escape a little from the chaos we may be experiencing.

Breathe: Yes, breathe. Are you breathing now or are you holding your breath? Take a second to check in with yourself and make sure you are breathing deeply and slowly. When we are stressed we are more likely to breathe shallow, fast breaths, or not breathe at all. This just tells the mind we are in fight or flight (like running from a bear in the woods). So take a minute to breathe and decompress.

Enjoy time spent with your friends, family and loved ones: Don’t forget one of the best parts of life – spending time with our family and friends and taking time to enjoy their company. Even if you aren’t physically together right now, technology affords us the ability to see and hear them. Play games through online video chats or maybe even sip or enjoy a wine, spirit or beer with them while chatting via Skype, Facetime, or another platform.

There is magic in the air with spring having sprung, don’t miss it because you are too stressed. Take some time to really enjoy this season and the awesomeness it comes with.

Happy Spring from all of us at Kappy’s Fine Wine & Spirits.

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