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Top 12 Wines of Spring

April 24 , 2020

Kai Mai Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand (Soon to be ME Sauvignon Blanc… same amazing wine with a new name.)

This New Zealand wine is a triple threat of deliciousness. Fresh, clean, crisp – check! They’ve blended juice grown from loam and clay soils for extra complexity, without compromising fruit purity. Think tangy grapefruit, green apple freshness and lime peel. If that doesn’t get your mouth watering, there’s a fabulously feisty acid backbone to do the job. Opt for seafood for an infallible match.

Just B Albariño, Spain

Rías Baixas is practically synonymous with Albariño, and it’s not hard to see why. With the greatest concentration of Albariño vineyards in the world, Rías Baixas DO is considered the birthplace of this unique Galician. An absolute treasure trove of fruit is in this bottle, fragrant herbal aromas are the lead in to explosive flavors of mango, guava with hints of stone fruits on the mouth watering finish. This wine is all about fresh seafood with the perfect style for shellfish.

Briar Hill Chardonnay, California

When the topic is California Chardonnay, Napa seems to be at the forefront of the discussion. But there are great vineyards in  other parts of California. Briar Hill wines pay homage to the briar-covered hillsides of chaparral that frame the vineyards of Santa Barbara County. Find ripe notes of white peach, melon, and guava layered over well-integrated oak and bright acidity. Pair with shrimp scampi or crab cakes.

Moment de Plaisir Rose, France

This Rosé is Fantastic!! The aromas and flavors are rich and intense and offer a blend of white peach & pear fruit with subtle citrus notes. The wine is well-balanced, perfect mix of roundness and freshness with an elegant fruity finish.  Perfect as an aperitif, this delicate rose will pair well with your salads, pasta, pizza, seafood and chicken.

Gancia Prosecco, Italy

Carlo Gancia, born in 1829, spent an initial period of study and training at Reims to learn the production techniques for champagne before returning to Italy to establish, in 1850, the “Fratelli Gancia” Company. Floral aromas with peach and tropical fruit notes mark this delicious Prosecco. Lively and effervescent, the palate is clean and crisp with balanced acidity and a lingering finish. Pair it with prosciutto, quiche and curries. 

Louis Perdrier Brut Rose, France

Fashioned from grapes grown to some of France’s most exquisite wine growing districts, Louis Pedrier has been awarded many accolades and medals throughout it’s illustrious history. But these well deserved honors do not come at a high price! It’s bright and zesty with hints of apple and pear on the nose and a juicy raspberry laden flavor profile. For a celebration, dinner with friends, or any festive occasion, there is absolutely nothing that can top this wine bargain-wise.

Faisao Vinho Verde Rose, Portugal

The “Faisao” (pheasant) is native to Asia, but was brought to Portugal by merchants in the middle ages. It is an exquisite bird that gives inspiration to this wine. Notes of strawberry and raspberry fruit aromas with berry and  plum flavors, and a fresh clean finish. Delicious on its own as an aperitif but also a versatile food wine that would perfectly pair well with dishes like olive tapenade, tuna sashimi, ceviche and grilled shrimp.

Domaine de la Grenaudiere Muscadet, France

Lemon-bright, sea-kissed and bone dry, Muscadet is the vinous child of the cool Atlantic and the Loire River’s plains, made from Melon de Bourgogne, a grape that screams of the sea and promises easy pleasure. With lovely flavors of sliced apple and lemon with just the right amount of stone and mineral character. Muscadet doesn’t just pair well with oysters but with a whole host of foods: fish, fried chicken, even tacos and barbecue.

Mas de Berceo Graciano, Spain

The Graciano grape is a variety local to the Navarra region, not widely grown in other Spanish wine regions. It has always been looked at like a “supporting” grape to Tempranillo. But this temperamental grape can be wonderful by itself when it is in the hands of skilled wine makers. Flavors of plum and cassis with hints of spice make this the wine to enjoy with a Burger au Poivre or a grilled rib eye.

Erik Banti Spineto Maremma Toscana, Italy

This wine has been produced since 2005 by one of the most historical producers of the Morellino Terroir. It is a “super Tuscan” made with Sangiovese, the king of Tuscany, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The mix of these grapes results in a wine with an international flair! Ripe and bold flavors of dark cherry and blackberry with a finish that highlights each grape’s unique character. Serve it with a pork roast, grilled balsamic chicken or a wedge of Peccorino.

Pinot Society Pinot Noir, California

In Santa Barbara County, the mountains do something that happens nowhere else on the West Coast of the Americas: they run from east to west, rather than north to south. One of the results is the cooler temperatures that allows for deliciously extended ripening seasons for Pinot Noir. Layered with flavors of raspberry and pomegranate with hints of mocha this is the ideal partner to baked salmon, grilled garlic pork tenderloin and one of our favorites Baja Fish Tacos.

Lorenzo & Gaspar Carmenere-Merlot, Chile

Chile’s largest wine growing region, the Maule Valley, has traditionally been associated with the mass production of average quality grapes – but there has been a recent surge towards making premium quality wines for export, especially from the area’s distinctive Carmenere and Merlot. This is an intense wine, with aromas of black fruit accompanied by red fruit, such as strawberries and raspberries. The Carmenere contributes structure and spices, while the smoothness comes from the Merlot. Pair it with lamb curry, smoked brisket or seared tuna.

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